Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme

The Inverleigh Golf & Disc Golf Club is now a registered charity with CDS Vic!

What does this mean?

You can support the club when you cash in your recycled cans and bottles through the recycling machines.

How can you donate?

Step 1: Download the CDS Vic app to your phone.

Step 2: Register yourself as a new user. (use your own name)

Step 3: You will be provided with a barcode to tap at the recycling machine.

Step 4: After depositing your items, the refund amount will be added to your app.

Step 5: Choose to donate your refund to any registered charity.
Search for “Golf Club Improvements” to find our club & assign the refund.

What can you return?

Most aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers between 150mL and 3 litres are eligible. You can keep the lids on, we recycle them too.

Check for the 10c mark

Look for the 10c mark on the drink container label. It is often located near the barcode.

Visit the Vic Government site for more info about the Container Deposit Scheme.